Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life Book Week 2: Birth

Welcome to Week 2 of the Life Book Challenge - Birth

It happens to all of us. It is the one thing we all share in common. We were born.Image

This is a page we should all be able to make for our life books. Whether you have a lot of information about your subject's birth, or a little.

If you are fortunate, you will have found a photo of your subject as a baby. If so, you will want to include it on your page. But what if you don't have a baby picture?

First, make sure you include all the facts you can find - Who, When, Where - Baby's name, parents' names, who attended the birth (if you know), Date of Birth, Place of Birth.

If you only have a little information on your subject's birth, you may want to fill the page with information about what was happening in the world the year they were born. This is a great way to add detail and nostalgia to the page. Your subject and their descendants will enjoy reading about how much a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas cost when they were born, or what the hit song was or what was happening politically or economically. This is a sure fire way to connect HIS story with HISTORY!

There are several websites that will give you that information. My favorite is:

There are more at:

You might want to check them all as I found different information on each site. ;)

Here is a sample page that will show you how to incorporate this information into your page. (Click image to get a larger view in the gallery.)


Another suggestion given by a former LifeBooker was to include the newspaper clipping announcing the birth. (I have done that on this layout...)


Jan suggested that if you don't have the actual clipping, you can make one using the Newspaper Clipping Generator which can be found here.

Remember that you are writing this story for many generations to come. Include information that you wish you knew about your great grandparents. Someone will appreciate it one day! Add as much information as you can find. Remember that journaling is of utmost importance in a Life Book!

Theresa has mentioned that one of her ancestors didn't have a birth certificate, so they had to have an affidavit to prove his birth. That is interesting information that may help future researchers in her family and would be nice to include in the Life Book. And speaking of Birth Certificates, if you happen to have one, what a great idea to scan it in and include it – even if it is tucked behind other items on your page!

To help you with your pages, there are several kits in the store that you may wish to use.

Theresa has a brand new kit called Vintage Lullaby that would be a perfect choice for this topic.


My “Birth” word art set includes much more than word art. In it, you will find a birth announcement stamp, a sweet baby card, It's a girl and It's a boy text circles, and titles in black and metallic finishes.

My Vintage Baby Elements are nice to include on layouts that have no pictures - but there are frames for those who do have photos.


And if you love the idea of making a Life Book, but just don't have the time or need a short cut, check out my Life Book Quick Pages in the Store. All the work is done for you – all you have to do is layer your photos behind the .png page and add your text. They come in both 12 x 12 and 8 x 10. This week, I have two different styles:

Victorian Baby for the more elegant Life Book,

Click here for Victorian Baby in 12 x 12

and Tattered Baby for the more vintage style...


Click here for Tattered Baby in 12 x 12

You can pick up the Quick Page of your choice for $1.25 each throughout the course of the Life Book Challenge.

And if these are not enough for you, just do a search in the store for “Baby” and you can see several other options!

So there you have it! Have fun being detectives and seeing what you can find out to leave clues for future generations. I can't wait to see your pages in the Life Books: Week 2 – Birth Gallery!. Please try to remember to come back here and post the link to your page, and don't forget - one of you will be randomly chosen from this week's gallery to win a gift.

This challenge is open from now until Monday night, September 4th, just before the chat at 9 pm EST. (You can still post layouts after that time, but it will not be eligible for the drawing.) I will announce the winner at the chat, probably somewhere around 9:15 pm. See ya there!!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Life Book Week 1: Getting Started

And now.... the moment we've all been waiting for!

Let's get those LIFE BOOKS started! (If you're not sure what a Life Book is, please go back and read the thread, "What is a Life Book".)

By now you should have:

1.) Chosen your subject (the person whose life you will be chronicling); and

2.) Either interviewed them or made arrangements to interview them, if they are living, or started gathering all of your information if they are not.

This week we are going to focus on two things: Writing the text of the Life Book and Scrapping the Cover.


For me, the easiest thing to do is to type out the text of the Life Book in my word processing program. Of course, I know that some of you just prefer to write it week by week as you go along. Whatever works for you...

You may choose to write it in the first person (i.e. "I was born on April 16, 1932") or the third person (i.e. "Anna was born on April 16, 1832"). Either way will work, just make sure it is consistent throughout the book.

Once you have the text written, you can go back to it and copy and paste it as you layout your scrapbook.

Once you have it typed up, go back and separate it into sections. You may want to use the Life Book Schedule which contains the list of 26 topics we will be scrapping together to help you get your information organized. You will want to start with Birth and continue chronologically through the person's life.

Here is a sample of what your text might look like:

BIRTH (1st Person)

I was born February 12, 1809, the second child to Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, in a one-room log cabin on the Sinking Spring Farm in southeast Hardin County, Kentucky. I was named, simply, Abraham Lincoln, and was not given a middle name. (Information from Wikipedia.)

CHILDHOOD (3rd Person)

When he was nine, his 34-year-old mother died of milk sickness. Soon after, his father married Sarah Bush Johnston, with whom he became very close and whom he called "Mother". But he became increasingly distant from his father. Lincoln regretted his father's lack of education, and did not like the hard labor associated with frontier life. Still, he willingly took on all chores expected of him as a male in the household, albeit young, tall and thin. As was the custom, Lincoln also dutifully fulfilled the obligation of a son to give his father all earnings from his work for third parties until age 21. In later years, he would also occasionally lend his father money. In 1830, fearing a milk-sickness outbreak, the family settled on public land in Macon County, Illinois. (Information from Wikipedia.)

That should give you some food for thought.


You will want to be thinking about what supplies you will use to make your Life Book. Of course, you are free to use any kits you would like, but it's nice to have some consistency throughout the book. Take a look in the Heritage Scrap Shoppe. We have several kits that would make an awesome Life Book and many of the Designers' Kits coordinate very well together. I also have several Quick Pages which can be used to make Life Book layouts quickly. All you have to do is add your photos and text. The rest is done for you. (Don't forget – if you use 50% or more of my products (Victorian Rose Designs) on your layouts, I'll throw in a posting bonus.) :)

This week, while you are working on writing your book, go ahead and Scrap the Cover. You can see some sample covers in the Life Book Gallery under Week 1: Cover that were made by Life Bookers in the last round.

And while you are at it, you might want to go ahead and do a dedication page if you will be presenting the Life Book to the subject when you are finished with it. I did a simple one for my Dad's cousin, Millie that looks like this.


Once you have your cover done, please upload it to the Week 1: Cover Gallery, and post a link to it here in this thread. You have until just before the Chat next Monday (9 pm EST) to get them done. At the next chat, we will move on to the first chapter: Birth.

So, there you go! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here in this forum, email me at, PM me, or Facebook me. Have fun!!

All Life Book Content Copyright 2010 Vicki Pasterik Victorian Rose Designs

Tentative Schedule for Life Book III

Life Book III – Schedule 2010-11

Here is the tentative schedule for the next round of Life Book. If you are unable to join us at the beginning, feel free to jump in midstream. You can always go back and get caught up as you go.

9/20 Week 1: Cover/Getting started
9/27 Week 2: Birth

10/4 Week 3: Childhood
10/11 Week 4: School Days
10/18 Week 5: Parents
10/25 Week 6: Grandparents

11/1 Week 7: Siblings
11/8 Week 8: Family Memories
11/15 Week 9: Hometown/Childhood Home
11/22 Week 10: Friends
11/29 Week 11: Young Adult

----------Holiday Break--------------------
Month of December

1/3 Week 12: Dating/Courting
1/10 Week 13: Marriage
1/17 Week 14: Home
1/24 Week 15: In Laws/ Extended Family
1/31 Week 16: Kids

2/7 Week 17: Kids (cont'd or Scrappers Choice)
2/14 Week 18: Jobs/Careers
2/21 Week 19: Hobbies/Sports
2/28 Week 20: Transportation

3/7 Week 21: Medical/Health
3/14 Week 22: Faith
3/21 Week 23: Holiday Memories/Traditions
3/28 Week 24: The Golden Years

4/4 Week 25: Grandchildren
4/11 Week 26: What happened in History during subject's lifetime
4/18 Week 27: Pedigree Chart

Those of you who have done Life Book before, please help me add to the Scrapper's Choice List by posting types of layouts you have done that weren't on the schedule. :) Thanks!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life Book III to begin Monday!

Life Book III will begin Monday, Sept. 20th at 9 pm (ET) in the Heritage Scrap Chat Room.

What is a Life Book, you ask?

"This is Your Life" was a TV Series that aired between 1952 and 1961. Ralph Edwards was the host. Each week, an unsuspecting celebrity would be lured by some ruse to a location near the studio. He would then be surprised with the news that he was to be the featured guest. Next he was escorted into the studio, and one by one people significant in the guest's life would be brought out to offer anecdotes. At the end of the show family members and friends would gather about the guest who would then be presented with some gifts. These usually included jewelry, a scrapbook of memories, and a home 16 mm projector and camera. (Plot summary taken from IMDb.)

Doing a "Life Book" is like putting that show onto paper... we're going to be making the Scrapbook of Memories without the big Hollywood production (or budget!) :lol:

Life Book classes at Heritage Scrap will help you to take a person's life story and break it down into bite sized pieces, so to speak. We will scrap one topic each week - things like birth, childhood, school days, etc. We'll help you organize your information so that scrapping a loved one's life story is "do-able".

When starting the book, we have to approach it a bit differently than we normally do heritage scrapping. Journaling is usually the last thing I put on the page. With a Life Book, it is important to do all the journaling first.

You start by interviewing the subject (if they are still alive) or family members or someone who knows their life story. You can just let them tell you their story, or you can spur them on with questions like "When and where were you born?" "How many brothers and sisters did you have?" "What were your parents' names?" "What was your childhood like?" "What did your Dad do for a living?", etc. (It may be helpful to print out the Life Book III Schedule which includes the list of topics to guide you in asking your questions.)

At the Life Book Chats (each Monday at 9 pm ET) we will discuss the topic for the week and our seasoned genealogists will give tips for finding information about the topic and your subject, experienced digi scrappers can help answer questions about scrapping techniques, there will be freebies and challenges, and a lot of fun just chatting about life and stuff.

Please come join us Monday night as we embark on another fun and satisfying year of Life Book!

I will be posting each week's directions here on my blog and in the forum at Heritage Scrap. Please see the Life Book III forum for more information.

Friday, September 17, 2010

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