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Life Book - Holiday Break

Monday was our last chat for 2010! We have now completed the first 10 weeks of our Life Book at Heritage Scrap and we'll pick up with Week 11 in January. Our topic will be Young Adult, so if you see relatives over the holidays that may have photos of your subject that you don't have, make sure to snag a scan!! :)

I would like to take this time to thank you all for your support and for coming to the chats, buying my products and walking with me on this amazing journey in creating heirlooms! I am so blessed!

Have a Merry Christmas, make memories with your friends and family and Have Fun! Looking forward to a wonderful New Year in 2011!! God Bless us one and all! :D

Life Book Week 10: Friends

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”

Welcome to Week 10 of the Life Book Challenge where we will be preserving memories of FRIENDSHIP.

This week, your assignment is to scrap about your subject's friend(s). This could be childhood friends, life long friends, sisters/brother/cousins as friends (imaginary friends if you wish ;)) ... A friend is something that everyone has, and hopefully you are fortunate enough to have a picture of your subject with a friend. (It doesn't even have to be a human friend. Sometimes a dog is man's best friend. ;))

This is probably a good time to say that you may need to shuffle your pages when you are finished to put them in chronological order. Some of us will be doing childhood friends, while others are doing a layout about a friend later in life. Obviously, you will want to put this page wherever it fits chronologically in your book.

Here is a page Helene did about her life long friend, Marilyn. In this layout, she documents their friendship from their school years through the present.


This page I made for Millie's Life Book tells some stories about her two best friends. I didn't have any pictures of them, but I did include a picture of Millie when she was little with her sisters.


When your Layouts are done, please post them in the Life Book Gallery for Week #10: Friends.

Please try to come back here and post a link to your layout when it's in the gallery so we don't miss it.
If you need directions for posting links, please see my tutorial in the forum.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about this Section of your Life Book, please post here in this thread.

Thanks! Can't wait to see the gallery this week!

Life Book (TM) Content Copyright 2010 Vicki Pasterik Victorian Rose Designs

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What's on the site?

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The site is still under construction with LOTS of content still coming, including "how-to" articles on genealogy and scrapbooking, but check it out and see what you think. :) We've only just begun!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life Book Week 9: Childhood Home

Good Morning, and welcome to Week 9 of our Life Book Challenge!

This week, we will be scrapping about our subject's HOMETOWN, and/or CHILDHOOD HOME(S).

It's always interesting to talk to people about where their roots are. We are so influenced by the places we've lived and each place adds an extra layer to our life experiences. Growing up in an apartment in a large city may shape us into someone different than if we had grown up on a farm in the country. Our everyday life experiences are what mold us into the people we become.

There are two ways to approach this week's topic. You may choose to scrap one or both of these variations on the theme.

First, you may choose to scrap about the hometown your subject lived in. This will require some research on your part. What was the geographical location? What part of the state was it in? See what you can find out about the area. What trades were there? Where did people work? What was life like there? What were the hang outs? Try to find details that would apply to your subject. Simply do a search for the name of the town or county. Many historical societies even have old vintage photos of the town from the era your subject may have lived there!

This layout from my great, great grandfather's Life Book demonstrates how to use information found on line on a scrapbook page. I combined the facts I learned about the area with the family information I had about the time he lived there.


If you would rather not include information about your subject's hometown, you might consider doing a layout about their childhood homes, especially if you are fortunate enough to have photos of them. Some of the census records include the street and house number for each family. If you can find that information or if you know the physical address, you could find an aerial photograph of the area from Google Earth or Mapquest. Newer versions of Google Earth even enable you to view old maps and satellite imagery of the area, allowing you to virtually go back in time! You might be surprised at what an internet search will bring up on your subject's childhood home. Give it a try and see.

My grandparents were living with my Grandmother's Mom when my Dad was born. She ran a boarding house, and my grandfather moved in when they were married. My Dad and his older brother were both born in that house. Then when my grandmother was expecting their third child, my grandfather built their first “real” home. Those are the two houses my Dad lived in growing up. Even though they moved into their own home, it was near the boarding house, and he spent a lot of time at his Grandma's.

This two page spread documents those two homes, as well as the last home my Grandpa built after all their children had moved out...


This page was done as a sample for my Photo Album Quick Page (which you can grab free in the HS Store!)


Remember, this is your life book, so please do as many pages as you need to do to get your story told. You may be able to make a layout for both the hometown and childhood homes, or you may not know much about one or either. Just try to preserve as much information about this topic as you possibly can. And don't forget that if you don't have many pictures, you may be able to find old photos of the hometown online that you can use. ;)

You can find my Home Sweet Home Word Art Set, also in the store:

Here is a Quick Page that you might find helpful for this theme as well.


It is also available in 8"X10".

As always, if there is any specific word art you need for your pages, please let me know.

When your Layouts are done, please post them in the Life Book Gallery for Week #9: Hometown.

Please try to come back here and post a link to your layout when it's in the gallery so we don't miss it.
If you need directions for posting links, please see my tutorial here.

One winner will be randomly chosen from the gallery next Monday, just before the chat. Please try to have your layouts posted by about 8:45 pm (ET). Layouts using at least 50% Heritage Scrap products will be eligible for the drawing. Layouts using at least 50% of my products will be eligible for a posting bonus.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about this Section of your Life Book, please post here in this thread.

Thanks! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Life Book (TM) Content Copyright Vicki Pasterik - Victorian Rose Designs 2010


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Life Book: Week 8: Family Memories

Good Morning, and welcome to Week 8 of our Life Book Challenge! By the end of this week, you should have at least 8 pages of your book finished!Image

This week, we will be preserving FAMILY MEMORIES.

This is a rather broad topic and will be specific to whatever Family Memories you happen to have for your subject. This could include Family Trips, Family Pets, Family Events, Family Holiday, Family Quilts or objects passed down, Celebrations, Birthdays, or Family Cars, just to name a few. (We will be doing our Homes later, and Hometowns next week, so try to find something not related to home for this chapter.)

Remember, this is your life book, so please do as many pages as you need to do to get your stories told. You may be able to make a layout for each of these topics and more, or you may be struggling to come up with one. I'm sure you can think of something that your descendants will find interesting. ;)

Some of our Life Book Veterans offered these suggestions: If you don't have a specific memory, why not scrap your memories of your subject? Or do a page about something that happened in history or other traditions that were common during your subject's lifetime.

Here is a page I did about a Family Trip my Dad made with his family when he was a boy. He told me about the trip, but his sister (the little one struggling to “hold it” until after the picture was taken :lol:) also told me her memories of their trips to visit their cousins. I included both of their memories in the journaling. (Click image to view larger in the gallery.)


I found a photo of the Model T Ford that was like the one they took on their trip and blended it into the bottom of the page to add a little historical interest. (The Studebaker that his grandfather owned was used in the Word Art at the top. ;) This word art can be found in my Antique Car Page Kit which would work well if you are scrapping memories of a family car or trip.)

Here is a page Vintage Vicki made highlighting a Family Reunion. Reunions always create family memories! You can see she included a lot of journaling on this page, but the pictures also tell the story.


This is such an interesting topic and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!


I've included several kit suggestions throughout this post. You'll find some Family Memories Word Art in my Family Word Art Set that would work well for this week. And if you came to the chat this week, you got a nice Family Word Art Set free! Image

When your Layouts are done, please post them in the Life Book Gallery for Week #8: Family Memories.

(And be thinking about your subject's Hometown for next week – that may take a little advanced planning.)

Please try to go to the Week 8 thread in the forums and post a link to your layout when it's in the gallery so we don't miss it. If you need directions for posting links, please see my tutorial here.

One winner will be randomly chosen from the gallery next week. Please try to have your layouts posted by about 8:45 pm (ET) or so. Layouts using at least 50% Heritage Scrap products will be eligible for the drawing, and those using 50% or more of my products, get a posting bonus.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about this topic of your Life Book, please post here in this thread.

Thanks! Can't wait to read your family memories!

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Hearth and Home FREEBIE - Just for my blog readers!

To celebrate the Hearth and Home Collab, I made this extra Cluster Frame to coordinate with my portion of the Collab. just for my Blog readers. Click on the preview to download. Enjoy!

Gimme my bonus, please

NEW in Life Book III. Those who use at least 50% of products by Victorian Rose Designs on your Life Book layouts will receive a posting bonus. To receive your posting bonus, PLEASE post a link to your layout in the Forum called "Gimme my bonus, please". Once verified, you will receive a PM with the link to your bonus. :P (You MUST post a link there to be eligible for the bonus.)


Life Book Week 7: Siblings

Postby Victorian Rose on 02 Nov 2010 07:45

Good morning, Girls! Welcome to Week 7 of our Life Book Challenge!

This week we will be focusing on our subjects' SIBLINGS.

Please note: If your subject does not have siblings, feel free to do another page in your life book for the challenge. Just be sure to post the link here in this thread. You may wish to do cousins, friends or even another page about something we've already covered. It's your book, so it's up to you. ;)

Brothers and Sisters are flowers from the same garden.

Who knows us better than our own flesh and blood? They've been there from the very beginning. They know everything about us, and they usually aren't afraid to tell it – especially the not so nice parts. :lol:

This week in our Life Books, we are paying homage to our subject's brothers and sisters. We are going to document for future generations, the details and relationship between our subject and his/her siblings. You may wish to include just the facts; i.e. names, dates, etc. or you may wish to include stories and memories your subject or other family members have told you about their siblings.

Depending on how many siblings your subject has, and how much information you have about them, you may wish to do one layout, or a two page spread that includes all of the brothers and sisters, OR you may need to do a separate page for each sibling. It's up to you how much room you'll need to get your stories told.

Monday night in the chat, we talked about how to find information about your subject's siblings. Here are a few of the sources that were suggested:

Census records: All members of the household are listed as well as their relationship to the head of the house;
Will of the parents: Often lists living children and their heirs;
Marriage License: Often a brother or sister acts as a witness;
Land Records: Especially if the father leaves land to his children;
Obituaries: Lists family members, both surviving and deceased.
Living Family Members: ask them who the siblings were
also check Grave registration of veterans, cemetery records, family bibles, county biographies, and baptismal records

Some samples for inspiration:

Helene has done a beautiful page that includes all of the siblings on a single layout. She did the journaling on a mat and included the photos in a very creative way. This is a great example of a siblings page.


This two page spread I have done for my Dad's Life Book is a Dragnet Page - (“Just the facts, ma'am”.) :)
It documents how his family grew from one child to six. (Click on images to see the larger version in the Gallery.)


You will notice that these pages don't have any journaling, other than the names and dates of the children.

However, these pages out of my Dad's cousin, Millie's Life Book have funny stories she told us about her sister and include several photos of her sisters and brothers.


Remember, this may be all the information your grandchildren have about your subject, so make sure to include as much information as you can. This may take several pages, so feel free to make as many as you deem necessary to get your stories told!

I have a Sisters Word Art Set and a Brothers Word Art Set to help adorn you layouts.



So, the directions are the same as always. Please put your layouts in the Week #7 Siblings Gallery. To be eligible for the drawing, use at least 50% Heritage Scrap products, and have your layout(s) in the gallery by 9 pm Monday – just before the chat.

Can't wait to see this week's gallery!!

Life Book (TM) content copyright 2010 Vicki Pasterik Victorian Rose Designs

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November Collab in store now!

The November Designer Collab - Hearth and Home - is available now in the Heritage Scrap Store. Filled with Fall colors and the comforts of home, these kits are perfect for scrapping your Fall Family Memories.

The Collab kits are all on sale for $2.50 each for the month of November.

Click on the preview of my kit to go to the Heritage Scrap Store for more information.

Life Book Week 6: Grandparents

Postby Victorian Rose on 30 Oct 2010 07:16

Welcome to Week 6 in our Life Book Challenge.

This week we are documenting our subject's Grandparents. This is the week we will be working on our parents' parents. Since we are branching out, you should have at least 2 layouts this week – or possibly 4 – depending on whether you choose to do a layout for each grandparent, or each couple.

As with parents, you may choose to do basic information, or do a more in depth layout.

Do you know who your subject's grandparents were? Or have you hit a brick wall? One thing you may wish to try is going to You can now type in the information you know and using information entered by other users, you may get a “leaf”. If your ancestors are already in their system, it will present you with a descendants chart that other users have entered, and give you some clues on where next to direct your research (please note: some information they give you is free, other information is only available through subscribing to their service, but it's worth a try to see what you can find!) Of course, you will want to verify any information you may find, and see if they give sources for where they obtained their information.

If you have access to your subject's birth certificate or baptism or christening documents, their parents will be listed. If you have their parents information, you can find their parents. Otherwise, you can begin to check census records for the years your subject's parents were living. For instance, if you are making a life book of your father's life, and he was born in 1908, look in the 1910 census for the county and town he lived in. Hopefully, you can find his family. (Your father would be listed as a two year old in the household.) From the census records, you will learn the names and ages of each person in the house at that time. Be sure to look at the other families on either side and down the road as you will often find other family members nearby. You may also learn (depending on what year you are looking at) what the head of the household did for a living, where each person and his parents were born, how old they were and whether they could read and write. Census records are fascinating and should be checked for each decade of your subject's life.

There are other sources that may also give information, including tax records, land lists, local newspapers, etc. Please check out the Heritage Hunting information by Vicki or attend one of her chats and share your dilemma. Vicki and the others at her chat will be able to give you some ideas for how best to direct your search.

Good luck!

Helene has been working on Life Books since the first round and I would encourage you to take a look at her albums. Here are some of her grandparents pages, which are good examples of Life Book layouts.






You may choose any kit that you would like that would work for your subject's grandparents.

My Grandparents Word Art:


My “Loving Couple” Quick Page would also work well for grandparents or parents.


Also available in 8 x 10.

Please post your completed layouts in the Week #6 Grandparents Gallery, and try to come back and post a link here so we can all go and leave you some love.

So that's it. Have fun and I'm looking forward to meeting your subject's grandparents!

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